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What kind of label is right for your product?

Posted by Lofton Label & Packaging on Dec 14, 2018 8:35:12 AM

Professional labeling and packaging solutions can have a lasting impact on your company’s brand image – and on your bottom line – but the type of label that will work best for you will depend on your industry, product type, and specific application. Here’s a breakdown of several of the most common label types to help determine which will be most effective in solving your product challenges and in improving your market presence.

Booklet/Extended Content (ECL)

Booklet labels – also known as extended content labels or ECLs – work great when print space is limited and you need to display a large amount of information within a confined surface area. ECLs provide you with an additional printing area that proves useful in displaying all necessary information in chemical applications, sweepstakes game pieces, and more. Lofton’s ECLs combine a pressure-sensitive label with an offset print onsert that functions as an expandable fold-out panel.


Single-ply labels are among the most versatile in the industry, capable of fitting a wide variety of unique applications. They are also among the least expensive labels to produce, offering a cost-effective solution to a wide range of complex labeling challenges. Prime labels, black labels, and bar code labels are three of the most common forms of single-ply labels.

Instant Redeemable Coupons (IRC)

For a creative and efficient way to reach your consumer audience at a low cost to your organization, look no further than instant redeemable coupons (IRCs). These labels are often fully customizable to strengthen your brand image and grow your audience in the desired direction. IRCs allow you to boost your sales numbers and market share without having to make any material changes to your existing packaging or branding. Popular uses for IRCs include rebate offers and on-package discounts to either move aging inventory or promote new products.

Variable Data

Variable Data printing can be a complex process, often improved through the use of digital and flexographic capabilities. In Lofton’s case, we let you personalize every card, tag, or label within your variable data project to ensure maximum benefit to your business. Bar codes, serial numbers, tracking labels, and QR codes are some of the most common uses for variable data printing.

Multi-Panel, Peel & Reseal, and Resealable

When it comes to these three labels types, it is extremely important that they’re long-lasting and durable. After heavy use, you should still be able to trust these labels to reseal the second, third, and fourth times just as well as the first. Often used on pharmaceutical containers, food packaging, and health and beauty products, these label types are popular across a wide variety of industries.

Boost your brand with Lofton Label & Packaging

Lofton is your complete source for high-quality labels, packaging films, and labeling equipment to make your products look their best. We have the team and capabilities to take your project from idea to product, leading all aspects from design and development to printing and packaging engineering. Contact us today for labeling solutions to transform your brand into an industry leader.

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Lofton is your complete source for high-quality labels, packaging films, and labeling equipment to make your products look their best.

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